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Every business owner WILL exit at some point in time.  A well-thought-out business strategy includes planning with the end-in-mind; that is, an exit strategy.  Your overall strategic plan encompasses setting long term goals and maximizing value so you can reap the benefits of your success.

It’s about knowing your exit options and having control over HOW you exit and maximizing the value realized WHEN you exit.  And it’s not just business – it’s personal.  Planning for “life after exit” is equally important – from retirement income needs to hobbies and travel plans to wills and estate planning.

Why Exit Stage Left?

The mission of Exit Stage Left is to educate business owners at all stages of the business lifecycle on the importance of developing an exit strategy to control HOW they exit and maximize the value realized WHEN they exit.  Exit Stage Left provides a suite of programs and services to help business owners develop an exit strategy as part the businesses’ overall strategic plan.

Exit planning is important for businesses at any stage of the business lifecycle and for business owners of any age. It’s never too early to develop an exit strategy.  For early-stage businesses, it may start with a buy-sell agreement.  As your business grows, you may have opportunities to merge or be acquired.

Life events may trigger the desire or need to exit.  And some of these events could be sudden and/urgent.  And for business owners that are reaching retirement age, developing an exit strategy prepares your business for continuing long after your exit and provides a plan for your “life after exit”.


Small Business Development Center Florida

The Florida SBDC at UNF has been providing management assistance for small business owners for more than 40 years.  We have nurtured businesses as they started, supported them in growth, helped them deal with challenges, and cheered them on as they took advantage of opportunities and realized success.  And now, after working with businesses for so many years, we are getting more requests from business owners about how to transition out of their business.

And so, Exit Stage Left was created to provide information, consulting and training to help business owners explore exit options, develop a strategy to maximize the value at the time of exit, and plan personally for what comes in “life-after-business”.  SBDC professional business consultants provide no-cost consulting to work with businesses at any stage of the business life cycle to develop a strategic plan that allows them to control how and when to exit.

About SunTrust Foundation

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Helping guide, advise, and lead people along their road to financial security and wellness, or as we call it, Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being, is the motivation behind everything SunTrust does. And the end of that road is a Life Well Spent—a life of financial strength and confidence. A life free from the worries of financial burden. That’s why the SunTrust Foundation has provided grants of more than $100 million to not-for-profit organizations focused on education, health and human services, and civic and cultural activities since 2008.

Aligning with SunTrust Bank’s larger goal of creating a movement to overcome financial stress in the United States, the SunTrust Foundation is committed to helping people start along their path to financial confidence. This purpose is what drives the SunTrust Foundation in our actions, investments, and goals in our communities and the country as a whole.

The SunTrust Foundation is proud to partner with the FSBDC at UNF and sponsors the launch of Exit Stage Left.