Exit Strategies

Tax Efficient Sales of Your Business

So you’ve decided it’s time to turn that lifetime of sweat equity accumulated in your business into cash to support your dreams of traveling around the world, or at least around a few golf courses. You are convinced that it is worth millions, but when that first offer comes, you find that at best, after […]


Do you need an Exit Plan? If you are an owner of a small business, of course you do. Then why aren’t you doing it? We know there can be a number of reasons, sometimes used as “excuses.” We also know that at least 75% of all small business owners do not have a written […]

3 Ways to Kill the Value of your Business

Many business owners are so focused on running their business and putting out daily fires, they often don’t consider the long term ramifications of a few small decisions. What might seem like a quick fix today, could end up destroying the value of your business! As we review small businesses (under $10M sales) to sell, […]